I was born on the 14th of February 1938
I graduated from the Grammar School of Fine Arts in Budapest
I studied at the Arts Department of the College of Eger and Budapest from where I graduated in 1971
I have been living and working in Oroszlány since 1969
I have always been a realistic painter. First I painted large compositions with figures. At the same time I was interested in mines and people working there.
There were times when I loved the roam in the villages and watching old people. I loved to show the silent witnesses of the past. I was looking for the harmonic topics in this neurotic and running world.
Nowadays in our changing history, I get my themes from new faces and problems. Earlier I thought that I could use this grotesque world only for representing the last 40 years. Now I understand, this genre is eternal.
On the other hand, like other people, I am looking for the infinite, for my place and our place involuntarily. But it seems there are no answers to my questions.
Besides our realistic and everyday lives, there is a mysterious world too. It is populated with gods, angels, monsters and devils existed independently of the material. Or not? All we can do is to ask until man lives on this planet …